The Environmental Challenge

Our fleet is made up entirely of environmentally-friendly hybrid cars, good for the environment, good for your wallet

Transport represents about 29% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, and within this sector, the most significant contributors are road transport (70%) and aviation (22%). Emissions from transport have increased since 1990, and reducing them is likely to require both technical innovation and new regulation to decrease demand.

We are part of the solution.....

58% Less CO2
97.8% less NOX

Our cars produce less than half of the CO2 of either a traditional Green/Black Cab or standard minicab.  The CO2 reduction is even more marked when you look at the 200 mile figure  Our cars offer a 58% reduction in CO2!

NOX - Various Oxides of Nitrogen are also greenhouse gases, and a significant cause of respiratory problems in urban areas which, it's argued,  may contribute to as many as 24,000 premature deaths in the UK.  NOX is also the gas responsible for photochemical haze and smog as well as to the creation of 'acid rain' which is responsible for damage to forestry as well as to the fabric of our architectural heritage. 

Our cars produce an astonishing 98.7% LESS NOX over 200 miles and NO PM10's. - There's a breath of fresh air!