Book and track via the App

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Booking & Tracking Technology

We us the latest in booking systems, and transport technology to make us as efficient as it's possible. Meaning better prices and a better service for you.


Book a Cloud Car by Phone, App or Online. 

By booking Online or via the App makes the entire process of booking a cab easy and stress free:

• Enter your pick up location, destination and confirm.
• GPS identifies where you are
• Check your booking status
• Track your cab en-route to your pick up location
• Save and store regular trips

GPS Tracking

The latest GPS technology is employed to ensure our cars don't go further than they have to. It means we are very fuel efficient which is good for you (We're cheaper than the conventional alternative!) and it's good for the planet.  Win - Win.

The Software we uses enables car Journey Sharing' - If you agree, we can arrange to pick up additional passengers to make the journey as efficient and cost effective as possible. 

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