Your Policy

Nationally everyone is aware of CO2 and the impact we are having of the Planet.  

Nottingham is leading the way.  Residents of Nottingham have the lowest per capita output of CO2 in the country.  The Local Authorities of both City and County have created clear policy guidelines which helps eveyone to reduce their impact.  We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our service fits in with all the relevant climate change strategy statements of Nottingham City Council, Regional Government and Central Government departments such as DfES, MoD and DeFRA. We are happy to supply detailed white papers on compliance and the steps we've taken as a business to comply with the local, regional and central goverment requirements for 'best of breed' Climate change and Energy security partners. contact us.

Our Cars Save you Money!

Our fleet is made up entirely of environmentally-friendly hybrid cars, which run on a combination of electricity and petrol, which is good news for the environment and good news for your wallet:

• Significantly reduced emissions.
• Reduced fuel costs for us.
Reduced fares for you.

Using a Cloud Car has many benefits:

Monthly statements help you to ensure best value and see clearly the emissions saved for each person in the company.

A fully automated booking and payment system saves you time and therefore even more money.  

The simplicity of FIXED PRICE travel in banded zones means you know how much the journey will cost before you start!- Read more about our fairs fare policy.

Policy and Prudence

By using the latest technology, by running a new fleet and by harnessing the latest 'REAL TIME GPS' location and dispatch system, we are able to offer amazing rates: for once doing the right thing actually costs less. Why use out of date high emission vehicles that use outdated metering systems, with no guarantee of shortest routes being taken.... On Policy, On Budget and On Time.