Hackney Carriage (Green taxi) versus Private Hire Vehicle

All Hackney Carriages (Green taxis) are required to display an illuminated ‘TAXI’ sign. On licensed cars the sign is fitted to the roof and the word ‘taxi’ is visible from the front. During hours of darkness all taxi signs are illuminated when the vehicles are available for hire. Private Hire Vehicles/Minicabs are not permitted to display any sign on the roof of the vehicle.
All taxis and Private Hire Vehicles have to display licensed plates, one fixed to the rear and in many instances to the front. There is also an internal sticker on the front windscreen, top left corner.  The plate displays the licence number and the number of passengers that a vehicle is allowed to carry. The exterior plate affixed to a Hackney Carriage (taxi) are white, whilst a yellow or white plate is affixed to the rear of a Private Hire Vehicle., except in the case of some 'executive hire' vehicles where an exemption may have been applied for and granted. Hackney Carriages (Green taxis) can be hailed directly from the street or hired from taxi ranks, which are situated in each town. Private Hire Vehicles must by law be pre-booked. A Private Hire Vehicle may also include a Stretched Limousine, which will not be permitted to carry any more than 8 passengers and will also be required to display a plate on the rear of the limousine unless exemption has been granted.
All Hackney Carriage (Green taxis) are fitted with fare meters, which should be used for each journey. Fares are fixed for each vehicle by the District Council, and a fare card must be displayed inside the taxi.

Always look out for the Drivers ID Badge.