Taxi Safety from a woman's perspective!!!

This was sent in by one of our female passengers and felt it was something to mention and ask if we could add it to our website blog.

As a women I have on many occasions used taxi’s to get home as I assumed it was the safest way to travel after a night out,.

In recent weeks I have read 2 cases where taxi drivers have sexually assaulted women in their cars when suppose to be taking them home.

This is a very scary situation to be in as a women because you now don’t know who you are getting into a car with and if they have been properly checked.

This is now why I have taken steps to try and make my journeys a little safer.

1.        Always book my taxi so there is a record of the journey and the driver.

2.    Stand in a well lit area so there is more chance of people seeing me get into a taxi.

3.      Try to make sure that someone knows that you are in a taxi and on your way home and if            possible talk to someone for the duration of the journey.

4.    This may not stop an assault but it will lessen your chances if you have to travel alone.


Call around your local firms and ask them the questions, which can put your mind at ease.  

For example:

Are all your cars and drivers licensed?

Have any of your drivers been convicted/charged by the authorities?

Ask any questions, that you feel is appropriate!