4 years of passenger service in our great city Nottingham

4 years ago we decided to start up a company focusing on passenger service that takes passengers from A-B. We did not want to be labelled as a typical private hire company which many of us label as taxis when in fact the correct term is Private Hire Vehicles (PHV’s), also known to you and I as minicabs. We felt the “label” minicab was not in keeping with the level of service we wanted to provide. 

On our many journeys around the city and travelling to other cities such as London we knew our great city wanted to be, and is beginning to be so, a first class “eco” city but we felt that the ‘green taxis’ did not give the impression to travellers of a first class “eco” city.

As a result, the concept and the birth of Cloud Cars arose; a PHV company providing a premium, high-level service, that gives a passenger a chauffeur type service at but at a fair, balanced and transparent price close to that of the traditional taxi tariff.

Since August 2012, we can say that we have experienced an incredible journey. To all our passengers, clients and partners thank you for trusting us and travelling with us.  We appreciate all the support you have given to us.

Nottingham now has a car service that is safe, fair, reliable, fresh and environmentally friendly – answering the needs of an eco-approach to improving the city.

In our four years, we have assisted hundreds of people in our early days to thousands in the latter years.  As the numbers of passengers and businesses continue to trust us and to feel confident to allow their staff to travel with us, it has enabled Cloud Cars to grow. We look forward to the challenge of innovating the Nottinghamshire taxi industry.

To say thank you for 4 great years of support, we will be offering a *15% discount on all fares above £10 for the month of August, our birth month. (T&C apply)