Don't get in a strangers car!

Never get into an unbooked minicab, not even if...

  • You're approached by a driver on the street
  • It's offered to you by someone with a high vis jacket and clipboard
  • The minicabs are lined up outside a pub or a club as they are still breaking the law if they accept your fare directly without a booking (i.e. by phone) being made legally through a licensed minicab operator
  • You’ve flagged it down
  • The driver says his booked passenger hasn’t turned up
  • You get in with a group of friends

Do not get in an unbooked minicab. It's illegal, dangerous and puts you at risk of attack including sexual assault and robbery.

Don't risk taking an unbooked minicab

Always use a booked and licensed minicab, taxi or Night bus.

Be Cabwise.


What most important, Safety or Reducing transport cost

At Cloud Cars we are of the belief that all companies have the responsibility to ensure that their staff are always working and travelling in a safe environment.

When it comes to your preferred taxi company,  used to take your staff/Clients to the airport/train or to that very important meeting; can you be assured that the taxi company has not cut cost, corners and taken unnecessary risk?

In the past few months and years we have seen, where companies seriously underbid for work, just to win that contract and in the end its your clients/staff and drivers that are put at risk.

Why do we make such claims: In the past few years, (recession years), taxi/minicab prices have either remain the same or lower, whilst everything for the driver, the rental money, tyres, servicing, insurance and fuel have sky rocketed.

Example:  There are companies charging as little as a £105 to Heathrow Airports, but is it worth the risk

Here is the breakdown of the £105.

 • Drivers can pay up to 15% commission to their company: £15.75

 • 260 miles round trip fuel cost: £45

 • Tax, NI, self-employed approximately £3.12

 • Running cost approx.  £6

 • Car plating and licensing approx.: £0.50 per job

 Total minimum cost to the driver for doing that airport job is: £70.37

At these rates the only ones making money/profit is the hiring company, as the driver and owner of the vehicle struggles to break even.  

When a driver is struggling to make a living he will start to cut costs. i.e budget tyres can be £10 each instead of £90 for quality tyres like Continental or Michelin maybe even cutting back on the number of service per year.   It is an industry known fact that taxi and private hire drivers, on average have increased their working week by as much as 30 hours to earn the same as 10 years ago.  So, if many drivers are doing as much as 80+ hours a week to gain an affordable standard of leaving, when does it become the responsibility of all.

Cloud Cars will never jeopardise safety by offering clients a price that is uneconomic for the driver to sustain a living and more importantly the safety of the vehicle.

So again, what is your most important factor when booking a taxi, Staff Safety or reducing transport costs?  Realistically you should be paying a reasonable and fair price to ensure you are getting true value for money and safety for your staff.