Thank you for making CloudCars part of your year.


This time of year marks a time to look back and to move forward. As we reflect on 2014, we’re proud of what CloudCars, our friends and clients have accomplished this year together:

Fleet size doubled.

Our fleet grew to help with the ever increasing workload that our friends and clients are sending our way (keep it coming).  We’ve covered many jobs, from London to Manchester and everywhere in between.

Female ambassadors.

We have two female ambassadors who have joined us and delivering our high service levels to clients.  We’ve had some very positive feedback so watch this space for the New Year.

Innovative Cloud creating change.

We are slowly disrupting what has been the norm for such a long time and innovating a sector which has become tiresome.  We want to create a #Safer #Better #Cleaner ground transportation for all.


We are the only firm that will give you a fixed and advance fare on all bookings.  Time to get rid of dockets which can be abused and open to leakage. The innovative CloudCars system is 100% transparent.

We have got a stellar line-up of exciting things in store for you in the coming year – so stay in touch. "Like us" on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, to ensure you keep up with the latest news and developments from CloudCars. We’d love to hear from you.

As we look to 2015, we continue to be inspired and energized by the work ahead and by the brilliant things that you continue to say about us. Thank you for being a part of CloudCars, and allowing us on your JOURNEY. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful past year and are looking forward to a marvellous 2015. We at CloudCars most certainly are.