What are the environmental benefits of using Cloud Cars?

Our fleet of hybrid cars use the latest technology to ensure they have the lowest emissions possible for a vehicle of their size.

Our hybrid cars run on a combination of petrol and electricity. Up to 30mph the cars can run exclusively on stored electricity: Perfect for driving in and around Nottingham City.

Beyond the city limits, when speeds are higher, a combination of petrol and stored electricity means the cars are fast and frugal.  Mix in 'regenerative breaking' and we're even saving energy when we slow down!

The result of this means that Cloud Cars fleet is exceptionally efficient, which in turn means lower running costs and lower fares!

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What is Cloud Cars

Cloud Cars is an award winning environmentally friendly car service "Eco-Cab" company.  We offer a new fleet of uniformed vehicles which makes it easy for you to recognise your car that are extremely clean, efficient and we offer some great ways to book your journey.

We are fanatical about our service:  we've invested in some amazing technology to help us be more efficient, offer fixed prices and new and innovative ways to book one of our cars.  Read about our systems here:

What we really do care about is the quality of our service, and how much we cost:  We aim to save you money and at the same time be a kinder solution for the planet! Fixed price journeys guided by state of the art navigation tools to minimise wasted miles, mean less money for you, and less harmful emissions.

So if you need a minicab, a 'taxi', a 'cab' or a 'private hire vehicle', in Nottinghamshire, and you care about the quality of the car, the amount it costs and you'd like to do your bit for the planet, then there really is only one choice: Cloudcars.