Drive with Us

We're hiring. Drive your FUTURE.

Come join the family of professional executive driver ambassadors.

Our success is built around 3 principals, happy drivers, happy clients and happy office.  Come and join the team which values YOU.

Why join Cloud Cars?

Best community

Our customers/friends are lovely and you'll find that driving them is both a gratifying and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Great Support

We support you every step of the way, that's why we make life as simple for you. From the training, vehicle, insurance, all is provided.

Earn More

Our ambassadors take home over £400* on average per week after cost.

*This can vary depending on seasons and hours.

Only firm in Nottingham to own its fleet of vehicles and registered with one authority, Rushcliffe Borough Council.  Current Rushcliffe badge drivers, if interested give us a call on:


Why drive for CloudCars and not the other major firms?

We are a unique business, which values you as much as the environment.  We believe that every ambassador should be properly compensated for the great service that they deliver - the reason for us charging a fair and balance fare for every job.  We will never devalue your time by concentratiing on being the cheapest.

Do I need to have been a taxi driver to work with CloudCars?

Simply No. Many of our ambassadors have never driven as a profession before and have said that it was never something they had considered before until seeing our cars and visiting our website, just like you have done today.

I've head the industry is dangerous?

Like with most jobs, there are elements of risk, but we feel that we have taken the necessary steps to minimise any risk to you. 

  • All our jobs are pre-booked.
  • 95% of our work is account work/Businesses.
  • All fares are fixed and paid via account or card.

Would CloudCars consider female drivers?

Of course we would.  We understand that the industry has been predominantly a male orientated business and we would like to help change that image as we believe that females can do just as good a job or even better.  We get request from many of our corporate clients.

Do I need a car?

Due to your uniqueness and keeping our fleet uniform, all vehicles are provided by CloudCars.

How much will I earn?

This is all down to you and your dedication to earn. The more flexible you can be, the more journeys you complete which means the more money you can expect to receive. Average earnings after deductions are £400 – £600 p/w.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid weekly into your bank account.

Where do I START?

By texting, calling, emailing or filling in the form below.

0115 9 582 912 or email: or Wayne on 07879618917

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